ESX Audio Quantum Acoustic Foam 7mm (3.5m²)

ESX Audio Quantum Acoustic Foam 7mm (3.5m²)
Kategoriat: Kaiuttimet, Subwooferit
Brand: ESX Audio
129 EUR

ESX Audio Quantum Acoustic Foam 7mm (3.5m²) Tuotetiedot 7mm paksu Foam matto (puristuu 1mm asti) 10 levyä (3.15m²) Levyn koko 500x700mm Suora pinta With the self-adhesive acoustic foams QSC7 (flat) and QSC15 (nubbed), ESX offers further options for significantly improving the interior acoustics in vehicles. Acoustic foams are recommended in addition to the use of aluminum butyl. While aluminum butyl mats primarily ensure that vibrating parts or resonances from sheet metal parts in doors or in the trunk are calmed down due to their high mass, acoustic foams in cavities or smooth surfaces ensure another thanks to their sound absorption property Optimization of the acoustics in the passenger compartment. The narrowness in the vehicle or smooth surfaces in particular result in a lot of reflections or background noises that have a disruptive effect on the sound. The flat structured QSC7 with a thickness of 7 mm can be compressed down to a millimeter. This means that the acoustic foam can even be glued onto the interior door panels. If the cladding is reassembled, the foam keeps the door slightly under tension, which also provides calm. The 15 mm thick, nubbed foam QSC15 is often used where exposed metal sheets or problematic vehicle parts have to be acoustically dampened, for example in the trunk. Aluminum butyl in conjunction with acoustic foam is particularly useful where large subwoofers make vehicle parts vibrate. ESX QSC acoustic foams are provided with a self-adhesive layer on the back, which is why they are also often used to fix loose cables or building blocks, which are often found in doors.