Hypex FusionAmp FA502

Hypex FusionAmp FA502
Kategoriat: Kaiuttimet, Subwooferit
Brand: Hypex
729 EUR

Hypex FusionAmp FA502 This FusionAmp can be the basis of e.g. a powerful active subwoofer or a two-way monitor. The FA502 has two 500 Wrms Ncore® amplifiers which can also be bridged to form one powerful 1000 Wrms amplifier. Myyntipakkauksessa ei ole mukana virtakaapelia, eikä USB kaapelia. Virtakaapelin voit tilata tästä. Tekniset tiedot Analogue balanced XLR in and through Analogue unbalanced RCA input Digital AES in and through Digital S/PDIF in and through Digital Optical TosLink input USB 2.0 configuration interface Ominaisuudet 15 biquads per amplifier Three selectable presets for filters Source selection Signal detect Auto shutdown BTL capable Clip protect Thermal protect Filter protection Ulkomitat L x K x S 380 x 150 x 90 mm